The Best Ohio Low Maintenance Flowers and Plants

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If you live in or close to Ohio, this article is a must read for your landscape ideas.

Get the expert opinion of low maintenance landscape designers from across Ohio on the top low maintenance plants they use in their designs for front yard landscaping.  Many of these are beautiful native plants that you probably never knew would look great in your garden!

Below is a list of easy perennial plants for Ohio, followed by the contact […]

Five Super Cool Ideas for your Rain Garden

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Look,  I’m going to cut to the chase.  No beating around the bush.  Because I know you’re cool and you would do the same for me.

So here it is.

All the cool kids are doing it.  So you should too. 

You need to get yourself a RAIN GARDEN in your yard.  Stat.

No idea what we’re talking about?  That’s cool too.

Rain gardens are simply a planned retention and infiltration area for runoff.

That’s it.  Everything else is details.

What can […]

You have the power to change the world

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With some simple changes to your landscape, you have the power to change your life and potential to impact the world.

Do you ever feel like your landscape is a drain? 

Whether work, time, or money, we invest our precious resources just to keep up with the Joneses, meet HOA guidelines, or to feel good about having a nice living space.

With a new outlook and a few changes, we can turn this resource drain […]

Stop working to live. Start living with PASSION.

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I have a colleague who just suffered a significant tragedy.  One that will change life forever. Instantly.

It is sometimes difficult to make the best of a tragic situation, if make anything at all.  Moments like this give pause to look at the big picture.

Why am I doing what I am doing?  Is it all worth it?  Am I making a difference?

I try to live my life with vision.  These moments make it more urgent.  It […]

Stop! What you NEED to know before planting that tree

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese Proverb

So you want to plant a tree, eh?

Well I’m super psyched about that!  We definitely need more trees.  And the sooner you plant them, the more you get to enjoy them.  

But I want us to go through some tree planning and planting basics to make […]

Five Vegetables for your Front Yard

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I’m all about breaking barriers between the vegetable garden and the landscape.  With these suggestions, you can start this transition too.  And your neighbors will be impressed.

1- Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

Spring asparagus shoots are attractive and delicious

Asparagus foliage is beautiful in midsummer

This herbaceous perennial forms a great textured backdrop to your ornamental beds.  The tender shoots arrive in spring, but be sure […]

Quick Hacks for Easy Landscaping

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You know what I love?  

I love to see the wind blowing through the trees.  

I love to feel soft grass under my feet.  

I love to breathe the fresh air.  

I love to hear the birds chirping and the insects chattering.

You know what I don’t love?  

Cutting the grass.  Every. Week.

Pulling weeds.

Keeping plants trimmed.

Edging […]

The Twice a Year Garden

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What if you had a garden that only needed maintenance twice a year?  And it actually looked good?

Whoa… does that really exist?  Of course!  I wouldn’t make up something like that!

Okay this is actually something you can do

and it is easy if you do it right

and it can look really good

and it does only need 2/365-ths of […]

The Top 3 Reasons your Tree is Dying

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When it comes to growing trees, you would think it’s so simple.  You plant it in the ground, give it some water, give it some more water, let it grow, then enjoy.  Right???  So why does your beautiful tree have disease problems?  Why is your tree dying?

Let’s get out our detective hat and figure out what’s going on with your tree!

Reason # 1: Planting too deep

The absolute most common […]

Sustainability: A No-brainer for your Landscape

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Let’s do a test.  I want you to read the next few phrases and notice your reaction.

Global warming.

Save the trees.

Mother Earth.


Is your head ready to explode?  

Well you’re not alone.  A lot of people get turned off by the polarization that occurs with issues regarding the care of our planet.

Regardless of your feelings regarding such issues, there should be […]