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Get Your Free Water Supply Now!

 Here’s how you get your free water: install a rainwater harvesting system! I know, you’re thinking it’s easy for me to say.  Heck, where I’m from in Ohio, we get 42” of rain each year!  [...]

Five Shrubs That Look as Good as They Taste

Five Shrubs That Look as Good as They Taste The word ‘shrub’ is rather interesting.  It kinda reminds me of other words ending in ‘b,’ like glib, drab, blob, flab.  Fairly plain on its own, [...]

Is Your Yard on Crack?

An 8-step program to kick the habit!   Have you noticed it?  You wake up one morning and find the cash in your wallet missing.  Then you get a call from the lawn guy. “I [...]

5 Trees That Look So Good You’ll Eat Them

Edible Attractive Trees for Your Landscape Man, I love me some pie.  That’s right.  Apple pie, banana pie, cherry pie, lemon merengue pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, you name it.   Yeah, so what gives? [...]

Bring Back that Wild Space!

Add a wild space to your landscape, and learn how to murder your lawn Back when I was a kid, I used to go to ‘Nature Camp’ at the local park every summer.  I would [...]

Stormwater Management in the Suburbs

What to do with stormwater in your landscape and the greater landscape So I have an infomercial question for you today. Do you want to cut your water bill and usage by 50%? Stick around [...]